The top of the gunungan or Mustoko which means head are stuck with cookies from rice in the form of fishes called Baderan. The Garebeg Procession in Karatons In the morning of Garebeg, ten thousands of people standing in front of the Pagelaran , the front hall of Karaton, in Alun-alun Lor north square. The ensemble is said to have been created by Java’s first Muslim prince, [2] or one of the Wali Sanga , in order to convert reluctant Javanese to the Islamic faith. After the fall of Majapahit, in Demak kingdom, the Garebeg was temporally stopped. University of Durham, Doctoral Thesis,

gending sekaten jogja

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What is the meaning of Garebeg?

gending sekaten jogja

Gunungan Gepak flat top mountain The wooden frame has the same measure as the Gunungan Lanang, the tray is covered by a Bangun Tulak designed cloth. PALACE REGALIA The Manggung or court ladies dressed specially for Garebeg procession bring the palace Regalia consist of 9 golden objects of grandeur, namely; Banyak goose symbolizing holiness Dalang deer symbolizing skillfulness Sawung cock symbolizing courage Galing peacock symbolizing authority Ardawalika dragon symbolizing responsibility Kacu Mas golden handkerchief symbolizing cleansing all dirty things Kutuk a kind of fish symbolizing attractiveness Kandil Lantern symbolizing brightness Saput a box of jewelries symbolizing readiness Before the procession, all the Manggung and other bearers of palace grandeur’s objects and heirlooms must purify their bodies and souls, by fasting, bathing and others spiritual preparations.

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Several units of Karaton soldiers are ready. In Yogyakarta, the main event of Sekaten is called the Grebeg Muludan that held in 12th day exactly during the birthday of Prophet Muhammad starting in 8: The ensembles are kept in the royal palaces. The Gamelan Sekaten or Sekati is a ceremonial gamelan musical ensemble from central JavaIndonesiaplayed during the annual Sekaten festival. Under the command of the King himself, the most senior Prince assigned for the task leads The Garebeg celebration.


This ceremony originally were initiated by Sultan Hamengkubuwana Ithe founder of Yogyakarta Sultanate to promote the Islamic faith. Like the other gunungan, it is placed above a big tray covered with Bangun Tulak cloth, put on the wooden frame of 2 x 1,5 m.

gending sekaten jogja

In the morning of Garebeg, ten thousands of people standing in front of the Pagelaranthe front hall of Karaton, in Alun-alun Lor north square. The Besar will be in December During the Sekaten fair commemorating the birth of Prophet Jogjxthe sound of the ggending are always heard, except during praying times.

For Gunungan Lanang, two additional men are needed, holding two long canes to support the gunungan. A sound of music, called ‘ gejogan ‘ played by hitting a lesung wooden mortar for pounding rice with alu rice pestle accompaniment of Kidung ritual Javanese song Tundung Setan evil spirits chasing and other ancient ritual songs.

The people, who always used to a such ceremony, were disappointed. The ensemble is said to have been created by Java’s first Muslim prince, [2] or one of the Wali Sangain order to convert reluctant Javanese to the Islamic faith.

Gamelan at the Keraton, Yogyakarta

Previously they were found in Madura and Banten as well. Music in Central Javap. The visitors shall greet the King devotedly in a special way. This old local tradition is called ‘ Caos Sumping ‘ symbolizing holiness.

These two set of sacred gamelans will be played simultaneously everyday until the 11th day of Maulud month through seven consecutive days. In the procession, there are walking in front of the Manggung court ladies bearing the palace Regalia, in the gendint they are sitting nearby the Sultan.


For instance, this year is Alip year, next year should be Ehe year and last year was Jimakir year. The Gunungan Wadon resembles to a very big flower. Each corner of the tray is decorated with pieces of yellow cloth.

Sunan Kalijaga was a very nice Wali, with his speeches he invited people to confess to Islam without besmirching the other beliefs. Before midnight Sultan and his escorts left the mosque and return to Karaton. University of Durham, Doctoral Thesis, There are also some eblek square glutinous rice cake and betetan glutinous rice cake in the form of parrot’s beak on top gendin bamboo’s pin, wajik big brown glutinous rice and fruits.

The Garebeg Procession in Karatons

No wonder, this procession also withdraws a huge crowd. In Garebeg Sawal12 gunungan lanang are prepared without other gunungan. In the evening, on fifth of Maulud.

gending sekaten jogja

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sekaten. Walking from the Bangsal Kencono to his car in Kemandunganhis highness is protected with an opened golden umbrella, solemnly greeted by Karaton dignitaries. Puro Pakualamanit does not make the gunungan, it receives 1 Gunungan Lanang from Karaton of Yogyakarta.

After lunch, the king shall bring home a small portion of food berkat to be consumed symbolically by the princesses, so that the princesses too, should live in safety.