This library also called “Java wrapper” is designed to remedy this shortcoming. The shows the actual command line used to run the application. Free forum by Nabble. This can effect the locating of resources including libraries. Exception in thread “main” java.


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Good Luck Onor wrote. If you are printing the PATH environment variable, then this is not what you want. It uses a shared object file, but the shared object file is in one of the directories in the java. Tue, 29 December I did the following thing and it seems to work: Note that it uses the lpsolve library. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: UnsatisfiedLinkError [ message is a reply to message ].

Using lp_solve 5.5 in Java programs

Your output shows PATH. Bug reports, succes stories and requests for changes concerning the Java wrapper are welcome by email at juergen.



Important points to remember: Be sure these two dlls are both 64 bit. Eclipse appears to have “successfully” compiled the program in that it didn’t produce anything that looks like errors, but when I try to run the program I get the following error: Free forum by Nabble.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. You could add -Djava. Good Luck Onor wrote Thank you now I got another error lpsolve55j. I was using Galileo at the time. Thank in advance Leigh A wrote. On some computers this does not need to be set as the program seems to find it and run without it being set.

Select it and then OK. Follow these steps if you get this error: Exception in thread “main” java. However, if you are using a bit platform you should check to see you have the 64 bit lpsolve and not the 32 bit lpsolve format.

See the file demo.


Using lp_solve in Java programs

This can be seen in the output of the program, where PATH: Can’t find dependent libraries Ask Question. A copy of the LGPL text is contained in the distribution archive. I have the exact same problem! In addition to that, I have tried feeding the -Djava. You need to print out the java. Although the error message refers to ‘java. Can’t find dependent libraries at java. Frans Van Assche Messages: How do we handle problem users?