It is an application development environment based on the component based software architecture. NCTUns is a high-quality and professional tool. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Merits Allows simulation of large network with tens of thousands of nodes Provides animation tools and graphical tools for analysing the output Able to predict the performance of wired, wireless and mixed networks and devices Able to analyse and explore the design of devices and code in the early stage in closed networks at real time speed Allows users to set up, develop and run custom network models Provides good debugging support Provides fast simulation results Provides powerful Graphical User Interface for code development Offers unmatched platform portability and interface flexibility. Three specific recommendations were provided by the authors for the network researchers such as to choose a credible simulator, to build credible simulation models and to use statistical methods to improve the credibility of results.

nctuns 5.0 network simulator emulator

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Section 3 deals with different network simulation tools that are available for network research.

Nctuns 5.0 network simulator emulator

Retrieved June 17,from Retrieved June 17,from http: Command-line user interfaces are good for batch execution. The architecture of the four simulators was also explained. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. The new simulator must support all types of networks, protocols and mobility models. simulatoor


Supports high fidelity modelling, simulation, analysis and designing of wide range of communication networks. NS-2b is fully equipped with protocols, models, algorithms and accessory tools. From the Google Scholar statistics, conference papers, journal papers, master theses, and Ph. Analysis and visualization tools are basic but it is sufficient for general studies.

We would like to share a news with you that the NCTUns 6. These networks are used in emergency situations such as in battlefields and emergency medical rescue. Many researchers use open source simulators for their work. Find More Posts by ciotog. Commercial simulators hctuns license and it must be purchased for high rate.

In Parallel and Distributed. The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.

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It is a commercial Object Oriented Discrete event general purpose simulator. NetSim is also a discrete event simulator. For simulating small networks one can use NS-2 or J-Sim. The highly modular design of this tool makes it easy to extend and modify the basic functionalities. Direct link NCTUns 5. If it is not in the man pages or the how-to’s this is the place!


The development work was started in the year The first NCTUns 1. Models can be easily reusable and interchangeable Offers flexibility Provides Graphical User interface library.

nctuns 5.0 network simulator emulator

The simulators considered for this networrk includes: The Network Simulator – NS2. Nearly fifteen simulation tools were discussed and a comparative study of selected simulators were made based on certain evaluation metrics like energy model, mobility model, license, bridging of code, scalability, protocol support, technical support and GUI support. MML models are often expressed in mathematical equations.

NCTUns 5.0: A Network Simulator for IEEE 802.11(p) and 1609 Wireless Vehicular Network Researches

Simulation tools are essential for validating any research idea before it is being implemented. In this survey, the details of the individual feature of the simulators were not clearly mentioned. In this paper both commercial and open source simulators are reviewed. Having a problem logging in? The second NCTUns 1. It supports remote, concurrent, and distributed simulations.

nctuns 5.0 network simulator emulator

The tools available in QualNet include QualNet architect, analyzer, packet tracer, file editor and command line interface.