I will look to get an admin to award these to you shortly. A little list of bug I saw: Yeah, I’ve beaten it on GBA cart before using Phoenix Ra, and yeah even then I was resetting more than I was actually playing and still am now that I’m trying to play it for achievements. Reshef of Destruction features an all-new storyline that sets you off on a quest to stop Reshef from drowning the world in darkness. It’s free, easy and feels damn good! So you what you see? This is great if you’re on a PC with restrictions on software installations or want to secretly play at work.

rom yu-gi-oh reshef of destruction gba

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I’ve looked over it and see no reason it wouldn’t work. No need for any software, no installations required, all you need is a fast enough PC and a browser with Flash support. Reshef of Destruction U Venom: I’m taking my time with the notes as it is a big game for me to take on Home Link to Us Exodia. It’s possible that it’s working just fine and it’s referring to the Neo Ghouls incident and not the Duel Express to the Egypt Exhibition, but it should probably be clarified in the achievement description.

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After you beat him if you are lucky you should get a piece of Exodia. Because it recognises the duelist level of your save file when starting the emulator. The issue came from a line that was checking what part of the map was open to ensure you are at the end of the game.


rom yu-gi-oh reshef of destruction gba

You have to be at level to use Exodia so it may take a while before you can unleash its mighty wrath upon all who stand in your way. Considering the achievement seems to check more values than there were Neo Ghoul fights, it seems to be checking the first duel express or maybe refights on it endgame? So you what you see? Since the game’s battles are fought with cards, you must build a strong deck from different cards including all three Egyptian god cards to even stand a chance against your enemies.

Yu-Gi-Oh – Reshef of Destruction

Beating the Neo Ghouls didn’t give it to me either. Join Yugi and friends on their journey to stop the Dark Being, Reshef from shrouding the world in darkness.

It could have been improved with max duelist level by adding in Relinquished and Thousand Eyes Restrict which would require grinding more DC for each one I wanted to use. I’m not sure if the train resets the duelists later I obviously never bothered to check back on the destructionnbut it didn’t seem to work.

At least for the current run. It looks like I’m out of luck on the train one then.


rom yu-gi-oh reshef of destruction gba

Hall of Eternity does grant quite a bit of DC, but it still takes a while to get enough to get a good deck. June 29, Media: Here was my final deck. Reshef Of Destruction for Gameboy Advance cheat codes.

You really desfruction tribute eom to keep up at lower levels due to how grindy it is to even get to high levels. Going to be interesting trying to do this without Phoenix Ra. To see Rebecca, at the beginning of the game go to KaibaKorp, you will see her there. For more emulators, check out our extensive emulators section.

A little list of bug I saw: There are 6 codes for this game. None of the Neo Ghouls are skippable, so it couldn’t be that since there’s only 3 on the actual train. GameBoy Advance Video Game. I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the Reset if that is causing the achievement to not properly unlock or one of the other values being checked. Reshef deatruction Destruction Game Boy Advance.

Repeat until you have all 5 pieces, simple! I might end up demoting it, if necessary.