From the site, Singhs ought to respect Kaurs. The beautiful DVD is packed is a very attractive and expensive cover, a prized possession for display in your homes. Please be so kind as to purchase only original DVDs at www. Original DVD can be purchased online from http: Monday, December 26, at 2: The movie depicts the story of the Sikh women during the tyrannical times of Mir Mannu who carried out large scale massacre of Sikhs. Next animated projects is already in works and due for release nect year.

sundri the brave kaur animated movie

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Sahibzadey This movie was the first 2D animated movie on Sikh History. By Guest Naimated Started August 4, Register a new account. If Guru Gobind Singh jis It is really appreciable on the parts of these thinkers producers that they have taken the initiative of telling history sunddri the new generation in the best possible way in the modern times.

Details Movie Details The movie depicts the story of the Sikh women during the tyrannical times of Mir Mannu who carried out large scale massacre of Sikhs. Want to know more?

Sundri Animated Film

Bravf Gobind Singh ji maharajs Singhs are suppose to be lions It was conceived during the time period when it was imperative to boost the morale of the Sikhs after the downfall and subsequent annexation of the kingdom of Punjab. However, these very qualities soon became her biggest enemies.


It has wnimated been discussed. Posted November 29, Singhs ought to respect Kaurs. Also please request your friends and family not to jeopardize future of these amazing animations on Sikh History by creating and selling pirated copies of the DVD.

sundri the brave kaur animated movie

The movie is targeted for kids aged 3 years and above. For everyone info, dolly is originally from an atheist forum that refers to themselves as sikh forum. The Rise of Khalsa Banda Singh ji was a true Khalsa and remained a steadfast gursikh till his last breath.

Sundri’, the novel, was first published in and during the past years, has become the most widely read piece of Sikh literature. By puzzled Started 3 hours ago. Vismaad believes in providing value for money, and animatdd every single DVD purchased will ensure continuation of such projects.


DVD release news on Sikhnet: So he is a atheist at heart pretending to be a Sikh. Already have an account?

sundri the brave kaur animated movie

Salute to you ajimated. The premiere shows were highly successful and movie became a household name during the period but many Sikh families were not able to watch the movie. My nephews loved it.


Sundri: The Brave Kaur

Thursday, March 4, at 9: User Access Login Register. He had a purpose in view and his entire efforts were to achieve the same by awakening mmovie masses and the intellectuals to imbibe practical aspects of Sikh religion.

sundri the brave kaur animated movie

Posted November 17, True Saint, Fearless Soldier: Bhai Vir Singh Jiwho is often referred to as the sixth river of Punjab for his efforts to bring about social and religious reform such as importance of education, equal rights to women, and the abolition of the caste system is revered as an important figure in the revival and renewal of Punjabi anikated tradition.

Sign In Sign Up. I too have seen the film. Hopefully it may introduce our kids to reading the original work!! Which you think is khalsa? His obsession for her became his mission and he would stop at nothing till he obtained her.