Post as a guest Name. Download WampServer version WampServer2. And more specific about my problem is that i am able to see only One service of the Two services started of the Wamp server. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Nick You didn’t download the right version.

wamp5 1.7.4

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wamp – Run PHP4 on Wamp5 – Stack Overflow

I want to share the way, how to do this: If you run PHP4 in a production system, you are asking to be hacked. Steven Martin stevenmartin99 gmail. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Wampserver does not need to be online to use it.

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wamp5 1.7.4

You’re no doubt aware, but the last release of PHP 4 was in Augustso I presume this is for the purposes of curiousity. Click here to login. I’d certainly recommend upgrading any production server to the 5. Asked 8 years, 8 months ago.

Sign up or log in Sign up wamp Google. Depending on which version you are using. Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. It does not work since there is no php4apache2.

WAMP5 1.7.4 Download

I’ve been to his site and found it quite helpful. To run php4, right mouse click on. Also click one of the tabs that brings up all the types of pages the system accepts i. I would 1.7.4 middaparka’s comment, and also add that PHP4 has a large number of known and serious security issues, and these won’t get fixed because it 1.7.4 been supported for a long time. Plus with the Wamp Server 2. Tedd Hansen Tedd Hansen 7, 12 12 gold badges 51 51 silver badges 88 88 bronze badges.


– PHP, Apache, MySQL, Windows : WampServer

You save me, thx a lot. Click on it and click edit. Download PHP4 for Windows.

I run Windows XP and I followed everything in the guide plus a few extra things that I picked up back when I was trying to install Joomla. Sign up using Email and Password. There is nobody on this forum to solve my question please friends your suggestion would help me i dont want any site link please provide me the details here itself. Hello, I wanted make some web development with the help of Drupal and for that I required to have web sever,a database,php for all these requirement I Googled on the internet and I found that this all provides in the one application which is WampServer and so i downloaded that,I tried the installation but I think that didn’t work upto the mark, so I request to all of you please suggest me the installation steps for the WampServer on the Windows XP Platform.


Wamp 1.7.4 social advice

This is urgent,all my web development stuck because of this am hoping 17.4 your help! Nick You didn’t download the right version. Press End on your keyboard to get to the end.

wamp5 1.7.4

It would be more helpful if you provide me the step by step guide wam5 both the installation. Is that an error or something?

Email Required, but never shown. And more specific about my problem is that i am able to see only One service of the Two services started of the Wamp server. And either push index. Hence it is a aamp5 installation procedure, same as any Apache on Windows. Active 3 years, 6 months ago.

wamp5 1.7.4